A Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) is the SSAS equivalent for the self-employed, partnership or an employee.

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The advantage of a Small Self Administered Scheme (SSAS) to any small to medium sized business.

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Small Self Administered Scheme Pensions SSAS

SSAS - Small Self Administered Scheme

The many advantages of a Small Self Administered Scheme (SSAS) to any small to medium sized business, especially a family Company include

  • Flexible contributions including Income Tax relief (and Corporation Tax and National Insurance relief on Company Contributions)
  • Ability to receive Pension Transfers
  • Commercial Property purchase
  • Borrowing for property purchase
  • Residential Property Collective Investment Schemes
  • Purchase of unquoted shares
  • Flexible retirement options
  • Investment control
  • Open to more than one member
  • Loans to the company

Westerby Trustee Services provides a comprehensive Professional Trusteeship and also takes on the role of being the scheme administrator, whereas some other providers may not. Administrative services provided to operate a SSAS effectively and efficiently including:

  • Scheme documentation
  • Annual report and meeting
  • Operation of scheme bank account
  • Benefit calculation
  • Completion of the pensions scheme annual returns

Please note that to enjoy the full investment benefits of a SSAS, all the members must be trustees.

SSAS Case study 1

Buying Business Property with SSAS

Family business director Simon and Sue have the chance to buy a small business unit adjacent to their current premises.

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SSAS Case study 2

Fund Product Development with SSAS

John and Neil are directors of an expanding and profitable business and looking for £80,000 to invest in developing a new product that they anticipate will rapidly deliver more profit. 

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